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YearWalk #M/WLay DirectorDatesSpiritual DirectorLocation
20182181Men'sKeith MichalFeb 1-4, 2018 Camp Young Judaea
20182182Women'sLinda ContrerasApr 26-29, 2018 Camp Young Judaea
20182183Men'sCyrus EvansSept 27-30, 2018 Camp Young Judaea
20182184Women'sKathy WallaceOct 25-29, 2018 Camp Young Judaea
20172174Women'sAmy MitchhartNov 30-Dec 3, 2017Cheryl BroomeCamp Young Judaea
20172173Men'sTommy HowardSept 28-Oct 1, 2017Bill GlasgowCamp Young Judaea
20172172Women'sLinda SnowMay 4-7, 2017Scott BradfordCamp Young Judaea
20172171Men'sTom DeverJan 26-29,2017Chris CarrierCamp Young Judaea
20161865Women'sRenee GlasgowDec 1-4, 2016Bill GlasgowCamp Young Judaea
20161850Men'sDaniel OatesSept 29-Oct 2, 2016Chris CarrierCamp Young Judaea
20161830Women'sRebecca OatesMay 12-15, 2016Tracey BeadleCamp Young Judaea
20161825Men'sDon CawoodFeb 25-28, 2016Scott BradfordCamp Young Judaea
20151820Women'sNancy ReineckeDec 3-6, 2015Kim BurkeCamp Young Judaea
20151807Men'sGreg MooreSept 24-27, 2015Chris CarrierCamp Young Judaea
20151794Women'sKim SmithMay 7-10, 2015Scott BradfordCamp Young Judaea
20151786Men'sDavid KernsFeb 5-8, 2015Kim BurkeCamp Young Judaea
20141772Women'sLeigh Anne MooreOct 2-5, 2014Tina CarterCamp Young Judaea
20141760Men'sWade AlbertSept 4-7, 2014Chris CarrierCamp Young Judaea
20141744Women'sAnne HollingsheadMar 27-30, 2014Scott BradfordCamp Young Judaea
20141736Men'sMike ManningFeb 6-9, 2014Kim BurkeCamp Young Judaea
20131733Women'sTricia SchneiderNov 14-17, 2013Karen HoranCamp Young Judaea
20131717Men'sMarty SorellSept 19-22, 2013Steve SmothersCamp Young Judaea
20131709Women'sTari CurtisMay 9-12, 2013Karen HoranCamp Young Judaea
20131696Men'sCharlie ReineckeApr 25-28, 2013John NicholsCamp Young Judaea
20121687Women'sPatsy GrienerNov 8-11, 2012John NicholsCamp Young Judaea
20121671Men'sCody ReevesSept 13-16, 2012Steve SmothersCamp Young Judaea
20121663Women'sDestini EvansMay 17-20,2012Karen HoranCamp Young Judaea
20121652Men'sMike RhodesMar 8-11,2012Steve SmothersCamp Young Judaea
20111642Women'sShana FowlerNov 10-13, 1022David SkinnerCamp Young Judaea
20111625Men'sBobby DohertySept 8-11, 2011Chris CarrierCamp Young Judaea
20111616Women'sEva LongMay 19-22, 2011Cheryl BroomeCamp Young Judaea
20111600Men'sLarry WigginsMar 3-6, 2011Chris CarrierCamp Young Judaea
20101596Women'sAmy PenaNov 4-7, 2010Sarah CurrieCamp Young Judaea
20101570Men'sMike LongAug 19-22, 2010Del BrownCamp Young Judaea
20101562Women'sChris DunkinMay 6-9, 2010Cheryl BroomeCamp Young Judaea
20101538Men'sJack BlakleyJan 21-24, 2010David SkinnerHighland Lakes
20091537Women'sReba HilgersNov 19-22, 2009David SkinnerHighland Lakes
20091512Men'sGene SueltenfussAug 27-30, 2009Fletcher PoolHighland Lakes
20091502Women'sNancy HardinMay 14-17, 2009Teresa WelbornHighland Lakes
20091481Men'sMike EmbryFeb 12-15, 2009David SkinnerHighland Lakes
20081471Women'sVicki RectorNov 6-9, 2008David SkinnerHighland Lakes
20081449Men'sSteven LusbyAug 21-24, 2008Del BrownHighland Lakes
20081439Women'sSandy BrooksMay 15-18, 2008Cheryl BroomeHighland Lakes
20081415Men'sGavin LoftusJan 17-20, 2008David SkinnerHighland Lakes
20071414Women'sLori NortonDec 6-9, 2007David SkinnerHighland Lakes
20071399Men'sMackey WelchOct 11-14, 2007Mark PorterfieldHighland Lakes
20071372Women'sRhonda WhiteMay 3-6, 2007Danette HowellHighland Lakes
20071364Men'sDennis KrackauApr 12-15, 2007Eddie ValverdeHighland Lakes
20061342Women'sKathy WelchDec 7-10, 2006Mark PorterfieldHighland Lakes
20061325Men'sFrank MorganOct 5-8, 2006Eddie ValverdeHighland Lakes
20061303Women'sLaurie CromwellMay 11-14, 2006Mark PorterfieldHighland Lakes
20061286Men'sFrank HendleyMar 9-12, 2006Bill NicholsHighland Lakes
20051266Women'sKay DabbsNov 3-6, 2005Rick DiamondCamp Young Judaea
20051227Women'sDebbie BrownMay 19-22, 2005Bill NicholsCamp Young Judaea
20051210Men'sLarry PowellFeb 10-13, 2005Bill NicholsCamp Young Judaea
20041190Women'sLiz GrayNov 11-14, 2004Mark PorterfieldCamp Young Judaea
20041168Men'sRussell EhrlichSept 9-12, 2004Bill NicholsCamp Young Judaea
20041150Women'sKorrina JumperMay 6-9, 2004Sherry SticeCamp Young Judaea
20041132Men'sJodey GrayFeb 19-22, 2004Mark PorterfieldCamp Young Judaea
20031112Women'sRebecca HatchNov 6-9, 2003Mark PorterfieldCamp Young Judaea
20031092Men'sJohn HilgersSept 4-7, 2003Bill NicholsCamp Young Judaea
20031070Women'sDixie PowellMay 1-4, 2003Andy SmithCamp Young Judaea
20031050Men'sKarim AzizFeb 6-9, 2003Steven SeetCamp Young Judaea
20021037Women'sBarbara AzizNov 21-24, 2002Mark PorterfieldHighland Lakes
20021017Men'sJack McGaffeySept 19-22, 2002Bill NicholsCamp Young Judaea
2002992Women'sBeverly McGaffeyMay 9-12, 2002Bill NicholsHighland Lakes
2002972Men'sMike CaveFeb 21-24, 2002Andy SmithCamp Young Judaea
2001949Men'sBill GlasgowNov 1-4, 2001Steven SeetOmega
2001913Women'sBecky BrockSept 13-16, 2001Karl BrownOmega
2001908Women'sKelly GarnerMay 3-6, 2001Andy SmithHighland Lakes
2001894Men'sMike CallihanMar 8-11, 2001Rick Waters Camp Young Judaea
2000870Women'sKatrina AllisonNov 2-5, 2000Suzanne Field-RabbHighland Lakes
2000849Men'sGarland WarrenSept 7-10, 2000Bill HughesCamp Young Judaea
2000826Women'sDixie Myers-WellsMay 4-7, 2000Mark PorterfieldCamp Young Judaea
2000799Men'sSteve PeytonFeb 3-6,2000Rick Waters Highland Lakes
1999775Women'sElise HudsonOct 21-24, 1999Mark PorterfieldCamp Young Judaea
1999759Men'sDavid BrockSept 16-19, 1999Andy SmithCamp Young Judaea
1999712Women'sBecky BallFeb 11-14,1999Bill NicholsCamp Young Judaea
1999706Men'sScott KirkpatrickJan 21-24, 1999Bill HughesCamp Young Judaea
1998691Men'sJim HudsonOct 22-25, 1998Carl BrownOmega
1998673Women'sDona DoyleSept 10-13, 1998Andy SmithMt Wesley
1998665Women'sChristine EhrlichJuly 16-19, 1998Mark PorterfieldHarambe Oaks
1998622Men'sWalter MottFeb 5-8, 1998Andy TysonCamp Young Judaea
1997604Women'sRoxanne PenningtonOct 16-19,1997Rosie Johnson
1997591Men'sDarryl WhiteSept 11-14, 1997Karl Brown
1997580Women'sMindy NicholsJuly 10-13, 1997Bill Nichols
1997549Men'sClifford NobleFeb 6-9, 1997Bill Nichols
1996527Women'sLone WenselOct 10-13, 1996Sherry Strain
1996520Men'sJohn KessieSept 12-15, 1996Fletcher Pool
1996511Women'sMarsha HurlbutJuly 11-14, 1996Mark Porterfield
1996484Men'sBill NicholsFeb 1-4, 1996Karl Brown
1995465Women'sKaren OlsonNov 2-5, 1995Ann Locasio
1995450Men'sAl WenzelSept 14-17, 1995Andy Smith
1995442Women'sTess NorrisJuly 13-16, 1995Robb McGill
1995415Men'sBob DavisFeb 16-19, 1995Karl Brown
1994390Women'sJulie BynumNov 30-Dec 3, 1994Bill Henderson
1994380Men'sKen HudspethSept 29-Oct 2, 1994Fletcher Pool
1994367Women'sJeanie FuelbergJuly 14-17, 1994Clint Rabb
1994346Men'sDick HowellFeb 17-20, 1994Karl Brown
1993286AMen'sMike OlsonFeb 18-21-1993Karl Brown
1993322Women'sDebbie HiggsOct 7-10, 1993Sarah Bentley
1993312Men'sBil NicolasSept 9-12,1993Bill Henderson
1993302Women'sBeth RalphJune 17-20, 1993Bill Henderson
1993299Men'sDoug BynumMay 20-24, 1993Mimi Raper
1993291Women'sMarcell HincklinMar 25-28, 1993Brendonly Douglas
1992271AMen'sNick NussbaumNov 12-15,1992Bill Henderson
1992257Men'sPerry HeathSept 10-13, 1992Clint Rabb
1992246Women'sBarbara NixonMay 21-24, 1992Mimi Raper
1992228Men'sDick EllisFeb 6-9, 1992Bill Henderson
1991206Women'sRhonda EllisSept 5-8, 1991Sherry Strain
1990178Men'sRichard SchweersNov 8-11, 1990Jason Fry
1990171Women'sPat HeathSept 27-30, 1990Lynn Willhite
1990168Men'sBill BarberSept 6-9, 1990Bill Henderson
1990155Men'sWetonnah McCoyMay 24-27, 1990Bill Henderson
1990147Women'sSandy EasthamMarch 8-11, 1990Clint Rabb
1989132Men'sGeorge BerryNov 16-19, 1989Bill Henderson
1989126Women'sCindy McCoySept 28-Oct 1, 1989Grady Roe


The focus of Emmaus is God as known in Jesus Christ and how that finds expression in the local church. The objective of Emmaus is to inspire, challenge, and equip local church members for Christian action in their homes, churches, and places of work.