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What is a team member? Who can be a team member? How do I get on a team? What does it mean if I say, "Yes", to being on a team?

These and other questions about team duties and functions are likely to be asked as Pilgrims go home eager to begin their 4th Day complete with all its activities. This short message is an attempt to answer or clarify the issues involved. Also, ask these, or any other questions you might have, of your Sponsor or your Southwest Texas Conference Emmaus Board Members. These people can help you to find answers to any and all questions concerning team membership. Hopefully, the following suggestions will be helpful as well.

A team member is one who agrees to be part of a particular Emmaus Walk team. Team members serve in many capacities, but they always SERVE! Anyone who has attended an Emmaus Walk, is attending Gatherings, is active in an Emmaus Reunion Group, and is attending worship regularly is eligible to be a team member. The time and place of that service is determined by God through prayer. You get on a team through prayer - yours and the Lay Director's of a particular Emmaus Walk. God knows exactly how to match these up. However, it doesn't hurt to let your Board Representative or a Lay Director know that you are interested.

It means several things if you say "yes" to being a team member. First and foremost, it means you will serve for God's glory, asking and seeking nothing for yourself. Do not be uneasy if the Lay Director asks you to do a task for which you feel you are incapable. You may well be, but God is not. The Lord can handle whatever it is He has called you to do. The Lay Director will assign you a task only after much communication with God which effectively means He has chosen you.

Moreover, if you agree to serve on an Emmaus team, you are committing to attend several all-day team meetings. These are a MUST! It is at the team meetings that you will learn how to do those tasks you have been assigned. Also you will be spiritually enriched and molded as the team prepares to become a unified body working for Christ. Attendance at team meetings is an important part of your commitment; you will be unprepared without it. Also, you are committing to pray daily for the other team members and the Pilgrims-to-be. As a team member you must pay the fee to attend the Walk just as you did when you were a Pilgrim. Much printed material passes through a team members hands. You are committing to study all of it, especially that which pertains to your task.

You may be curious about why, on your original Walk, you didn't know who all of the team members were until Sunday. This is because team members receive no special recognition. We realize that we are all on a pilgrimage together. Only those in leadership positions are set apart and then only because they have to be. Team members need no special recognition for serving God.

Being on a team brings to you much spiritual growth and blessings. Even though you give, you receive much, much more. Pray about it. We would love to see you commit and say, "Yes."

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